Game of Thrones Title Sequence

Ooh, I love me some Game of Thrones! I get pretty excited on Sundays when I hear that music and the camera starts swooping over the animated landscape of George R.R. Martin's world. For some time, I have been meaning to look up some information about the titles for the show, but have just been too busy. Fortuitous then, that the folks over at If It's Hip It's Here, had a similar curiosity and proceeded to do all the legwork for me. Two really great articles are linked from the site. Enjoy.


  1. Paul, I can't thank you enough for sharing my post with your readers. It's so nice when someone appreciates the research and legwork.
    If It's Hip, It's Here is a big fan of Dude Craft.
    Keep up the great work :)

  2. Laura,

    Oh, man! Thanks for the comment. I'm a total fan of yours as well. So many tasty things come across on your blog! And, you're right, I really appreciate a well researched post such as yours for Game of Thrones. I know how much work goes into something like that and it's what keeps me coming back. Nice, nice work!