Moo Cards

Recently, I got tapped by Moo Cards to do a short review of their printing service. From the looks of their site, I was pretty excited to get to test drive their system and see if their service lived up to how cool everything looked online. I'm happy to say that it did...and then some.

The product that I chose is, I think, one of the coolest they offer...the minicard. Moo let's you do up to 100 different images on 100 different cards, so these things are great for presenting the variety in your work, and some folks have even riveted a bunch of them together and used them as a Pantone-style pocket portfolio. Clever!

In my case, instead of availing myself of the full power of Moo, I chose to go a more simple, graphic route in designing these cards (above) for my band. I'm not sorry I did (as they turned out great), but I think I'll probably return to do some more photographic, colorful minicards at some point in the future.  

The Process: The interface on the site is dead simple. Way, way better than some other printers I've used in the past. I'm hip to what bleeds and safe areas are, but if you've never worked in graphics before, you can easily wind up with a janky looking print job if these things aren't abundantly clear on the site. Moo does this very well. Within minutes I had the front and back set up and looking good, I approved the preview that the site gave me, filled out my information, punched in my coupon code, and then eagerly awaited the delivery of my cards (which was super fast).

 Three business days after I placed my order I received a simple white box with the word "Yay!" emblazoned in the corner (exactly what I was thinking when the postman handed it to me). Inside the box were three, banded 100 card sets and a sweet little carrying box that housed the other 100 cards I ordered. Upon close inspection, I was kind of amazed at how perfect the cuts were on all the cards. Invariably, when I have ordered business cards in the past from other companies, there has been about 10% of the order that is totally unusable due to off center, weirdly cut cards. Not the case here, at all. Just perfect little carriers of information, ready to be handed out.  

The Final Analysis: When Moo first asked me to review their service, I was a bit skeptical as to whether the experience would be as good as they promised (things so seldom are). Often, things that are designed with the general public in mind, aren't great for designers, and vice-versa, but Moo walks this line extremely well with an easy to understand interface, a reasonable price, and a great looking product. Plus, it's just fun to moo like a cow when people ask you where you got your printing done. Or, perhaps that's just me.

You can visit the Moo website here to get started on your own project.


  1. I love Moo cards! Thanks for the reminder - I need more!

  2. I have only used Moo cards, and get raves for my mini-cards, and have never been disappointed!

  3. I always use Moo, for my greeting cards and mini cards. Easy to use, great quality and service. Yay!

  4. I love Moo cards! I just tried their round stickers and the quality is just as high. Be careful of people trying to collect all your designs--I almost had someone take 1/3 my order since they were all unique.