Paper Bag Flooring

Loving this simple idea for a great floor texture. Elmer's glue, paper bags, water and a polyurethane top coat. Nice!
via Recyclart


  1. I like that! Simple, cheap, reuses something and transforms it into something else - and it looks good.

    (Just last week I was reading about paper boats. For about 25 years at the end of the 19th century, the biggest boat makers in America was a company in Troy N.Y. that made paper canoes and skiffs and the like. Lightweight, and with a proper coating, they were perfectly serviceable boats. I’m currently building two cedar strip kayaks, so I have my hands full, but I am intrigued enough by this idea that I wouldn’t mind giving a paper boat of some kind a shot in the future.)

  2. A friend did this to a wall in a bedroom. She did really light spritzes of darker brown to add some depth. It looked like leather when she was done.