Twin Peaks Paper Portrait

Running a blog is a relatively solitary affair, so it's nice to get comments and such, but it's even nicer to get something like this:
"Hi! My name is Olwyn, and I'm a senior in high school. In my art class we recently did a project based on your paper cut portrait tutorial. My art teacher Barbara Loring (a friend of yours on facebook) suggested that I email the portrait I did to you (to put on your website or just to see). It's of the actor Kyle MacLachlan as Agent Dale Cooper in the TV show Twin Peaks. I've sent you a picture of the portrait as an attachment. The project was a lot of fun!"
Thanks, Olwyn!! You made my day!!!


  1. oh how wonderful. What a great way to see your influence in the world. neat feeling. congratulations

  2. This is the best yet! The red looks great.

  3. Straight to Pinterest! Do not pass go, do not stop for coffee or pie!