5 Reasons to Start Your Journey toward Spiritual Awakening in Nepal

There are things in life that society taught us to be important and then there are real priorities that should come before any. Living in modern society makes us dependent on certain commodities that aren’t exactly beneficial to our inner being. Everything that we’re thought to believe is good for us, isn’t. Starting from our diet to fake ideals and twisted perspective. If you aren’t satisfied with the life you’re living and know that there must be more to life than working nine-to-five, paying bills and “contributing” to society with your work, you can start your spiritual journey today. I you’re not sure about the benefits, these few will be enough to convince you to start changing your life for better.

 The Journey

The journey itself will be an experience like no other. Traveling to Nepal and discovering every sacred place and temple that this county has to will be a story to tell you grandchildren. Make sure that you have a guide or a guru with you and experience the spiritual awakening that you’ve been striving to achieve. Plus, of course, you can trek to Everest Base Camp! 

Different Perspective


You’ll start to look differently at things, and as you give up you material possession, you’ll detach yourself from possession in any form material and emotional. Emotional attachments, and achieving the state of full awareness and selflessness will change your life in way’s you can’t imagine. No longer will you think the same about problems that bothered you before. To be precise, those problems won’t even cross your mind.

 Feeling Connected to the Universe Itself

As you reach further stages of spiritual awakening, you’ll start to get the feeling that everything is one, and that all things are connected. This might sound like some psychedelic induced mumbo jumbo philosophy, but it’s actually true. If you’re not sure, make the first step towards spiritual awakening and find out for yourself whether these claims are true or not.