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As you may have noticed if you’ve spent any time on the site, is a little bit different than many craft/design blogs out there. Our readership consists of everyone from yarn spinners to gadget freaks to Star Wars nerds to run of the mill art and craft enthusiasts. The posts on the blog intentionally blur the lines between art, architecture, craft, engineering, illustration, design and just good, clean fun. Content is updated daily so the blog stays fresh and current.

We encourage you to visit other sites that you may considering advertising with, gather their rate cards, look at their numbers, and do your research before signing up with any advertising program. Of course, our hope is that you will find DudeCraft to be not only reasonably priced, but also that we can become a valuable partner in building your business. Please feel free to contact us by email with any questions or concerns that you may have about the programs. We look forward to doing business with you!

Here's what our sponsors are saying:

“Since beginning to advertise on Dudecraft last fall, has experienced a noticeable boost in category-targeted traffic. In fact, Dudecraft quickly became the site's second-top referer, nestled comfortably between Twitter and Facebook. I'm pleased with the results so far! In addition, Paul is careful, thoughtful and a pleasure to deal with.”
                                                                                                            - Lily from

“At first thought, DudeCraft seemed an atypical advertising choice for us—but we wanted to support Paul and his work. To our immense pleasure our DudeCraft ad has matched, if not outperformed, our other blog ads at the same price point. Paul is lovely to work with, and advertising with DudeCraft has proved to be a good value for access to an intelligent, interested audience: we see that DudeCraft readers don't just click over, but consistently stay on for a while to browse.” 
                                                                                                           -Liz from Cosa Verde 

“The only place I have ever advertised is DudeCraft and I couldn't be happier. The rates are very fair, and my business has been very steady as a result. Paul is a pleasure to work with and I very much enjoy that it feels more like a friendship than just a business relationship.”
                                                                                                          -Pat from Neuron Rebellion

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Paul Overton