9 Ways To Make Your Costa Rica Trip A Spiritual Adventure

When you visit Costa Rica, you’ll soon understand the concept of Pura Vida, or “simple life”. This motto underscores the spirituality, peace, and respect for nature that you’ll find here.

In short, visiting this Central American location is the mindful adventure of a lifetime.

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1.  Embrace Slow Travel

Costa Rica is a beautiful and thrilling destination and deserves to be more than a mere weekend break. Book accommodation for at least a week, and give yourself the time and the breathing space to

This ‘slow travel’ approach isn’t just great for your spiritual wellbeing – it’s also a brilliant way of protecting our environment. Taking your time on a vacation to Costa Rica means you’ll be less reliant on transport that pollutes the atmosphere.

Focus on cycling, sailing and even walking as you explore this wondrous country.

2. Go Whale Watching

Costa Rica is blessed with an awe-inspiring coastline, as well as all the fantastic marine activities that go with that. Reconnect with nature and go on a whale-watching expedition.

Costa Rica boasts the longest season of humpback whales in the world, and the animals stay close to Marino Ballena National Park and Golfo Dulce for eight months each year. Seeing these serene creatures will help you lose track of everyday stresses.

3. Learn To Surf On The Beaches of Costa Rica

Nothing helps you to lose yourself in another culture like learning a new skill. Luckily, Costa Rica is home to numerous surfing boot camps, and beautiful beaches to practice on.

If surfing isn’t your thing, simply enjoy swimming in the cerulean waters, or grab your favorite book and relax to the sound of the ocean.

4. Keep Your Yoga Classes Going

We’re firm believers in the power of yoga, and recommend keeping up or intensifying your routine while on vacation. In Costa Rica, you’ll discover plenty of yoga retreats spread across the country.

Yoga has become incredibly popular in Costa Rica – not least because of the ‘Pura Vida’ mentality you’ll discover there.

Many of these wonderful centers feature classes held in the heart of a jungle, on the summit of a hill or overlooking the sea. This allows you to discover Costa Rica’s natural wonders while finding inner peace.

If you prefer to stay active in other ways, don’t worry! There are plenty of brilliant hiking and kayaking opportunities in Costa Rica – no matter where you roam.

5. Enjoy Local Tradition At Costa Rican Festivals

Feel like getting close to local Costa Rican spirituality? Make sure you visit in time for one of the country’s colorful festivals.

One of the most traditional of these is Límon Carnival, which celebrates the very best of Caribbean tradition every October. Expect vibrant costumes and elaborate parades, as well as a wonderfully fun atmosphere.

If you’re looking for deep spirituality, head to the Fiestas de los Diablitos, which are held in December and January. During these events, indigenous communities commemorate their ancestors by wearing masks and costumes, and reenact a victory over Spanish colonists.

6. Peer Into The Crater Of A Volcano

If you’re looking for a vacation that spurs on your spiritual awakening, Costa Rica is a great candidate. There’s no better place to do this than on one of the country’s striking volcanoes.

See one of the world’s largest volcanic craters in Irazú, which now contains a natural emerald-green lake. It’s just one of the awe-inspiring wonders that you’ll come across here.

Costa Rica is home to some 129 volcanoes, including six active ones. One of the best to visit is Arenal, which continues to gurgle and spurt out gases at regular intervals. Since this volcano is so active, it’s best to admire it from afar or in the surrounding natural park.

7. Experience The Amazing Peninsula Of Costa Rica

If you’d like to see the beaches of Costa Rica from another angle, consider traveling down the stunning Nicoya Peninsula. Separated from the mainland by the Gulf of Nicoya, this beautiful 121km-long coastline is a secluded haven of flora and fauna.

Along the peninsula, you’ll find peaceful beaches for contemplation, nutrient rich fruits and produce as well as a wide range of wildlife. Take a local tour or rent a car to explore this must-see destination.

8. Chill Out At La Paz Waterfalls

Take a break from beaches and head to central Costa Rica for a truly serene experience. Check out the La Paz Waterfall for a close experience with the marvels of nature. The waterfall’s name means “the peace” in English, is around 121 feet high, and cascades into a small blue pool.

Behind the waterfall, you’ll find a small shrine as well as numerous hiking trails to continue your journey on. The waterfall is also close to La Paz Waterfall Gardens, where visitors can see and learn about various forms of local wildlife.

9. Taste The Best of Costa Rica Cuisine   

If you visit Costa Rica without sampling its diverse food scene, you’re missing out! Featuring the best of Latin American flavors, delicacies vary region by region.

Tropical fruit juices called naturales, traditional rice and beans and fudge and ice cream sandwiches are just some of the favorites you can savor here.

For a refreshing end to a meal, try some “agua de sapo”. This beverage consists of lemonade with a hint of brown sugar and ginger – perfect for an energy boost during your travels.