Benjamin & Santiago’s Ultimate Adventure Experience Bucket List!

Traveling the world offers so many opportunities for spiritual growth and discovery but what many people don’t realise is that there are so many different ways to get in touch with your spiritual side. Meditation and yoga are all well and good but for some of us, adrenaline is just as important.

For all the adventure junkies out there, those who wish to head off into the wilds in search of something incredible, here are some suggestions for your next spiritual quest…

These journeys are not to be taken lightheartedly. A wise man once said that it is only through struggle, sacrifice and hard work that one can hope to achieve enlightenment and many of these journeys are challenging. Some offer glimpses into often unexplored worlds, others will force you to be alone for many days, to be by yourself, with your mind and nothing else for company.

These are opportunities to see some of the world’s most beautiful places and to seek your destiny in the process. Santiago is always saying ‘man, one day I want to ride a horse across Mongolia’ and it is this dream that inspired this list of ultimate adventure experiences.

1. Canyoning through waterfalls

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to abseil down a waterfall, gallons of unstoppable power rushing over you as you scrabble on the slick rock? Canyoning allows you to explore ancient canyons running through the earth, you’ll often jump from great heights into greater depths and will have the chance to climb and abseil down waterfalls. An amazing adventure for sure and a chance to experience the raw power of the earth! Check out this post for an inspiring trip report on exploring Colca Canyon in Nicaragua.

2. Horse Trekking

I’m not talking about horse riding, I’m talking about an expedition across an awe inspiring landscape upon the back of a noble stead. There are a few places in the world where one can take to the wild by horseback but perhaps the most accessible is Kazakhstan, a legendary place of stunning landscapes. Check out this post on Astana in Kazakhstan, the best place to start your adventure.

3. Explore the underwater world of Mexico’s Cenotes

Cenotes are flooded caves that dot the porous Mexican landscape and are areas of great spiritual power that sometimes house sacrificed beings from civilisations long ago. Diving in these beautiful places offers a glimpse into an underwater world rarely visited by outsiders. Tulum in Mexico offers some of the most pristine Cenote Diving.

Mexico is more than just underground caves, though! Click here for a three-day itinerary to one of Mexico’s best cities, Oaxaca!

4. Camping out on a glacier

Being from Argentina, we are no strangers to beautiful glaciers. Both of us have camped on glaciers many times but one day we hope to visit the glaciers of Iceland and to camp out beneath the marvellous spectacle that is, of course, the world famous Northern Lights.

5. Hiking in India

India is the best country in the world for me and a place I love dearly. It was in India that I first discovered yoga and I yearn to return to the motherland. In Northern India, stunning mountains march into the distance providing a paradise for travellers to go hiking and to explore their minds away from the stresses and distractions of civilisation.

6. Walking the Appalachian Trail

Ever since I read Bill Bryon’s ‘A Walk in The Woods’, I have dreamed of walking the Appalachian Trail. There are many great hikes in the world, some taking weeks and others taking months or even years. The Appalachian Trail is, for me, my dream hike. I yearn to camp out in the woods and to read inspirational books to fuel my wanderlust by candlelight.

7. Cross the Sahara Desert by Camel

An odd one maybe but for years now I have dreamed of seeing the sandiest place in the world… The Sahara. Being a nutjob yoga junkie, I want to attempt to cross the desert by camel, sitting in the lotus position the entire time 😉

8. Diving with Whale Sharks

Neither me nor Santiago are Padi Qualified yet but next year we hope to travel to The Philippines and learn to dive. Once we can safely swim beneath the waves we dream of meeting with the friendly giants of the deep, whale sharks. Recently we have been hungrily devouring this travel itinerary for exploring The Philippines and planning our trip.

9. Tierra Del Fuego to Alaska by Motorbike

This has been our biggest dream now for years, so far finances have made this trip impossible but one day we hope to hit the road with our motorbikes and drive all the way from the tip of South America to the top of North America, an ultimate journey that would take at least two years…

10. To explore Antarctica!

It doesn’t hurt to dream right?