4 Vacations That Combine Luxury With Spirituality

A well-chosen luxury vacation can be one of the best spiritual experiences of your life.

Whether you’ve earned some winnings on an online casino, or just want to treat yourself, spending a little money on a retreat is an excellent investment.

Read on to discover the best luxury getaways for spiritually-minded travelers.

1. Getting In Touch With Deep Spirituality in Ireland

Ireland is one of the most spiritual places in Europe. Located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, this small island is a mix of ancient tradition and continental luxury.

Travel to the southwest and stay in one of the amazing luxury resorts in Kerry. This stunning region is bordered by wild seas and is home to the beautiful Killarney National Park. The rugged landscape has a profound influence on Irish culture and spirituality. Take time to breathe it all in, and center yourself in this striking landscape.

After exploring the wilderness nearby, treat yourself to a luxury spa treatment in the likes of Parknasilla or Aghadoe Heights.

2. Seek Out Luxury Spiritual Healing In Thailand

Thailand is one of the most accessible countries in South East Asia and is popular with all sorts of travelers. As such, it caters for luxury vacations as well as budget-friendly options.

For some spiritual healing, visit Phuket. The Keemala spa is a spectacular getaway. With luxurious pods hidden among the branches of a verdant forest, this resort is one of the most striking in Thailand. It’s an ideal option for visitors looking for classes in reflexology, yoga and Chinese herbal medicine.

Wherever you decide to stay, spend some time outside the resort to visit some Thailand’s many temples. Take in the serenity of these beautiful structures, and are ideal for peaceful reflection.

3. Experience The Wonder Of The Northern Lights In Iceland

Much of Iceland’s deep spirituality is rooted in its natural wonders. Indeed, one of the most spectacular things to witness in Iceland is Aurora Borealis.

The Northern Lights are intrinsically linked with Norse mythology and are an essential attraction when visiting. For a luxurious way to see them, check out villas in Selfoss. These high-end properties have beautiful vistas of the Olfusa river and help you get close to the amazing natural light show.

If you’d prefer to stay close to the capital, you can also view the Northern Lights from luxury accommodation in Reykjavik.

4. Indulge In A Luxury Retreat In India

If you’re seeking an enlightening luxury break, there are few destinations better than India. With a plentiful selection of yoga retreats and spiritual centers, this enthralling subcontinent has plenty of opportunities for meditation and improving wellbeing.

Visit Goa to learn ancient yoga practices in the lap of luxury. In many destinations here, you’ll find space to contemplate and relax. You’ll also have easy access to high-speed Wi-Fi, beautiful swimming pools, and gorgeous beaches. Goa is also famous for its exciting nightlife too.

For a more traditional experience, find luxury accommodation in Kerala. Here, you’ll be treated with delicious vegetarian food, wonderful spa treatments, and daily yoga classes.